Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Choose the Perfume and Fragrance - Ideas from

If you are still confused or simply want someone else to help then come and see us in-store. All The Perfume Shop staff are fully trained in fragrance and how to find the right one so will be happy to help.

Ideas from

All fragrances fall into family groups e.g. Floral, Woody, Spicy and Fresh etc. People tend to stay with a certain smell family, either because it recreates happy memories, or simply because it stimulates their olfactory receptors.What our Experts say “Olfactory Receptors = Sense of Smell”

How to Choose the Perfume and Fragrance

If you want to change your perfume/aftershave or are looking for a fragrance gift, it is a good idea to look at what you/they already like and try to find something else within that particular family group. The chances are if they like one floral fragrance, they may also like others.

It’s important when finding a new scent that you don’t try more than three at any one time. Your nose may become de-sensitised (smell fatigue) if you try more than a handful so take a break. The most traditional way to take a ‘smell break’ when trying different scents is to inhale coffee beans but if they aren’t available simply take a deep breath through your nose and smell your sleeve or cuff. This will clear your nose of any lingering perfume/aftershave notes.

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