Friday, June 29, 2012

Discount Bvlgari Parfums at is an online discount perfume retailer with over 20 years of experience in the discount perfume industry. Our reputation for providing quality perfumes at discount prices has helped us become a leader in discount perfumes and colognes and fashion accessories.
Discounts on Perfume built its family-owned business on the important values of honesty, integrity and loyalty. Since 1996, we've stayed true to doing business with a "people first, products second" attitude our customers appreciate, and a guarantee that ensures customers will return again and again.
Bvlgari Parfums at The Bvlgari family descended from an ancient family of Greek silversmiths. In the late 19th century, the family moved to Italy and in 1884 opened their first shop in Rome. The store became an immediate success and a meeting place for the aristocracy and the world of culture and cinema. The Bvlgari family went on to open several more shops around the world with its flagship store in Condotti. Bvlgari became one of the leaders in fine jewelry second only to Cartier.

In the late 1900's Bvlgari established Bvlgari Parfums in Switzerland. Bvlgari sought to sell high end perfumes with the same level of quality and class as its jewelry. Its fragrances were inspired by its jewelry designs and concepts. Bvlgari launched Bvlgari pour Femme in 1984 which contains their signature notes of green tea. Bvlgari has since launched several other fragrances all exuding a high level of class and design.

A brief history

As a child, Big Discount Fragrances owner Michael Rares watched his father sell and distribute perfumes out of his garage and learned what skills were needed to launch a successful company. He continued in his father’s footsteps and today is a leader among discount perfume retailers – an industry segment he and his father pioneered in the mid-1970s. It was during that time that Michael and his father recognized perfumes were only available through large department stores at inflated prices. So they began by selling discount perfumes wholesale globally to small vendors and retailers. It was a wise and successful move.

With the growth of the Internet, however, Michael saw greater opportunity, particularly as he watched several of his key wholesale customers start and maintain successful online businesses. By 2004, Michael was selling discount perfumes and other fine items on eBay, bringing his discounted perfume prices to a much broader customer base.

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