Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fragrance Outlet - So Many Scents!

Did you know that there are fragrance families, or groups? Fragrances are categorized according to their families, or their olfactive traits. Put in simpler terms, this means the type of smells they omit. The groupings represent each fragrance’s foundations and characteristics. A fragrance outlet has all of the fragrance groupings available for your purchase. In addition, they have body powders, lotions and shower gels, and gift sets from your favorite fragrance group. The first traditional fragrance groupings were determined and established around 1900. These include scents for both woman and men.

Fragrance Outlet

Ambery/Oriental is the name of the first group. It contains vanilla and or musk scents, combined with flower and or wood scents. These are enhanced with camphorous oils and incense resins. The next fragrance grouping is called Chypre. This means Cyprus in French. Bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli, and labdanum make up the scents of this group. Floral Bouquet is the next group. It has combinations of floral scents. The Fougere family includes many men’s fragrances. These are herbaceous and woody scents. Fougere means fern in French. The base scents here are lavender, coumarin, and oakmoss. A fragrance outlet is a great place to explore the fragrance groups.

Another group is the Leather family. It includes honey, tobacco, wood, and wood tar scents in the middle or base. The Single Floral group is just one particular flower scent. Who hasn’t seen rose or lilac perfumes? The Woody group is the last family. It is made up of the scents of sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli. When you visit a fragrance outlet in person, you can test smell all of these groupings. This is one advantage you won’t have when shopping for fragrances online. You may read fragrance reviews online, however. This may aid you in your search for a new scent when you aren’t quite sure what to buy.

Everyone knows about outlet stores in the cities. These are great places to find wonderful bargains on all your favorite brand name clothes, shoes, and accessories. So, why shouldn’t perfume be part of the selection? The good news is that it is, in physical fragrance outlet stores, and in online fragrance outlet stores. It’s just up to you, if you want to shop and compare from the convenience of your home, or if you want to get out of the house and shop at the outlet mall. Either way, you will find a great deal, and maybe try out a brand new scent with the money you save.

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