Sunday, November 6, 2011

Perfume France by ParfumDeFrance.Fr

Parfum de France targets to be the nicest and easiest solution for Private Label perfumes Made in France, from 5000 to 30000pcs per lot. We want to make the difference with excellent fragrance and packaging creations, and with short and reliable time-to-market.

Perfume France by ParfumDeFrance.Fr

Parfum de France creates and produces personalized perfumes, made in France. We offer a full service : fragrance creation, packaging design, assembling, export. We keep innovating for an easy and fast service, better products, and shorter time to market

Perfume France

We offers a full service, until shipment of the ready to sell perfumes. We have more than 250 shapes of standard bottles and 300 shapes of caps. Our clients are involved in perfume distribution, prêt-à-porter, lingerie, beauty, jewels and license brands all over the world.

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